It's Time to Get Unstuck

I understand what it's like when it feels as though life is happening to you.

Between work and family there’s always somewhere to rush off to, all while worrying that you’re not doing enough. It’s exhausting!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ll take the time to step back and reflect. To find connection, let go of guilt, and shift some focus to the thoughts and actions that will fill your tank.

You can shift from reacting to moving with purpose and intention. Your days can be deliberate and fulfilling.

And when none of those things seem to happen, you can be kind to yourself.

Armed with the confidence that you have everything you need, we’ll look to the future.

Let’s turn the life you want into reality.

Coaching with me will help you:

  • get clear on your priorities 
  • know when to say no
  • let go of guilt
  • define your vision, goals, and core values
  • build the habits that will drive success
  • develop self-knowledge and reflect on your patterns

You already have the answers. 

You can design your life.

I believe in you.

Coaching is forward-looking. 

We’ll explore who you want to be, what you want to learn, and design the actions that will get you there.

I’ll also provide accountability and support; checking in on how things went with the goals you set. 

Each session can help to sharpen your focus and identify the next step forward.



get clarity

If you’re curious about working with me but have a few questions, let’s start with a free 30-minute strategy call

How does coaching work?

There's a bit of magic in talking things through.

We’ll craft a personalized strategy, designed to help you shift into action and achieve your goals.

And if you’re feeling like something has to change, but you’re not sure what you want to discuss, don’t worry – we can figure it out together. 

We’ll explore whatever is on your mind and walk away with bite-sized steps to help you keep the momentum.

The details:

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes, by phone or video conference. 

Initial packages are usually 5 or 8 sessions long and start from ¥60,000. 

Sessions are typically scheduled once per week or every other week.

Read more about what to expect from coaching here.

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